Skip Loader for Sale

Skip Loaders for Waste Management

Skip loaders are very efficient as waste-management trucks. The loader offers an efficient way to fill a waste container along with transporting the container as well. Therefore, skip loaders are commonly used as waste trucks. 600SA Holdings has a selection of waste-management solutions, including a variety of skip loaders that we offer for sale. These trucks are purpose-built to optimise waste management in residential areas. They can be used for a variety of industrial and commercial waste-management applications as well.

Orakci offers the ORV series of skip-loader waste-management trucks. 600SA Holdings has two models for sale in this range, both of which are purposefully designed to be robust and tough trucks to handle the demands of waste management. Therefore, these trucks can take a beating and work in any work environment, giving you the necessary equipment for effective waste management. Today, our focus will be the specifications of these skip loaders, giving you insight to make an informed purchasing decision.


Orakci Skip Loaders

The ORV series models share an elegant simplicity of design, which makes for a skip loader that can perform efficient waste collection and transportation. With every detail of its design optimised for this specific application, the results are predictable and satisfactory. Whether these trucks operate once a week or on a more frequent basis, they can withstand the workload and deliver a dependable waste-management solution. The first skip loader we have for sale in this range is the ORV-313. This is the smaller of the two trucks and a more compact option for lighter-duty applications.

The ORV-313 is 9,51 m long, measured from bumper to bumper. It has a total body volume of 13 m³, with a hopper capacity of 1,5 m³. This adds up to a total capacity of 14,5 m³. The body and tailgate are made from steel. The waste container’s inside dimensions are 3,4 x 2,1 x 1,7 mm and its total gross vehicle mass (GVM) is 15 t. With a 125-mm gap between the cabin and the waste container, there is more than enough room for waste collectors to easily hop on and off the truck.

When we look at the ORV-415, we find that it is a skip loader that offers even more space for waste storage. The body volume is increased to 15 m³, with an additional 2 m³ in hopper capacity. This results in a total of 17 m³ capacity. The body floor and tailgate are made from 5-mm thick steel to ensure a strong and robust construction. The sides of the body use 4-mm thickness, while the roof is 3 mm thick. The ORV-415 can carry full loads, day in and day out. In fact, it has all the right ingredients for industrial and commercial applications.

We offer a selection of skip loaders for sale in South Africa. These machines can offer viable waste-management solutions for almost any work environment. For more information on Orakci’s selection of skip loaders, feel free to browse our website for details. Choose 600SA Holdings for all your industrial machinery needs.