Skip Loader Trucks

The Function of Skip-Loader Trucks for Waste Management

Waste management is a crucial part of any industrial business, especially for those in manufacturing and production. Taking care of the waste that is produced by your business is something that nobody wants to deal with. However, with quality equipment and solutions at your side, they become easier and less of a hassle. Skip-loader trucks are ideal for handling large waste containers. These vehicles feature loader arms that can pick up and transport large open containers to a safe dumpsite.

Skip-loader trucks are virtually identical to waste-compactors in terms of the chassis of the vehicle. The tractor unit is mounted at the front, with the loading area at the rear of the vehicle. As with a waste compactor, this vehicle carries most of the load on the rear axle. Therefore, tandem axles can be used for more support. The arms are mounted on the side of the loading bay for more control during pickup and transportation. The side-mounted arms also keep the container in place when turning corners.

The VDL Skip Loader

We pride ourselves in delivering functional solutions for industrial businesses in South Africa. Waste management is very important for large industrial businesses. Therefore, such a business can use waste compactors or skip-loader trucks to pick up and transport their waste to a dumpsite, as opposed to hiring another company to take care of it. We offer a few options from VDL in this department. Today, we will be looking at their 16-t model and the job this vehicle can potentially do for your business.

Large waste containers have a unique design that allows them to be mounted and tipped. However, this results in an open container. Therefore, it can prove difficult to transport without shedding some of its contents along the way. By using VDL skip-loader trucks, these containers can be picked up and loaded onto the rear of the vehicle and safely transported. This smart system can even handle slanted containers to open up more possibilities for your business. Having an ample maximum load capacity also means that you can load the waste container with heavier materials.

The skip loader systems that are available on this truck delivers optimal control and stability during operation. They also feature tipping functions to allow the arms to tip the container while it is loaded on the rear of the vehicle. Therefore, the operator can simply dump the load without having to unload the entire container. This feature speeds up turnaround processes and reduces the potential for damage being inflicted during loading. The rear lights are also protected to ensure that a laden container cannot impact them during operation.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of industrial waste-management solutions for your business. We offer waste compactors, skip-loaders trucks, and industrial sweepers to ensure that you have the necessary tools for the job. For more on how we can assist your business with waste-management solutions, simply browse our website for all the details on our available equipment. Choose us today and experience quality machinery for your business.