Skip Loader Trucks

Our Selection of Skip Loader Trucks

Skip loader trucks are often overlooked but have several useful functions that can be of use in various industries, of which waste management is perhaps the most obvious. These machines are designed to handle large waste containers with optimal stability and fine control. These open containers can be difficult to lift and transport. They might also be of the slanted type, making them even more tricky to handle. Luckily, we have a solution that will make the handling of such containers easy.

By taking a purpose-designed tractor unit and adding a skip loader to the rear, you end up with a truck that can carry waste containers. These vehicles are typically used by municipal services in South Africa but also by many other businesses because waste disposal is an important aspect of any large industrial concern. Whether it is a manufacturing plant, workshop, or construction yard, having large waste containers simplifies this process. Now you can have a vehicle that can load and transport these containers to dumpsites swiftly without requiring the assistance of the municipal services.

Speed Up Waste Disposal

skip loadersWaste compactors are used to collect and transport waste from municipal bins but industrial businesses also use them. However, these compactors can usually only load and empty bins of a specific type and size. With skip loader trucks, you can load waste containers that are full of disposable waste and transport them to dumpsites. Additionally, the arms can tip the container to empty it when you arrive at the dumpsite. Once the container is empty, you can simply transport it back to the facility and repeat the process.

Containers with slanted tops or bottoms can be a challenge to handle safely. However, this is not a problem if you use the right skip loader trucks, as the angle and rotation of the arms can be adjusted in accordance with the container. This helps enormously when lifting and transporting containers that have huge piles of waste in them. You avoid accidentally spilling any waste during the lifting process. Thanks to their optimal control and stability, these vehicles can be ideal for any business in need of a waste-management solution.

We offer a range of skip loader trucks from VDL and amongst these are an 8-t and a 16-t model. These vehicles have been developed for optimal reach and stability. They feature hexagonal lifting arms that can be operated independently of each other, optimising your control over the load and adding to their versatility. These arms are shaped to optimise manoeuvrability in confined spaces as well, which is sometimes a requirement for waste-management vehicles. As a result, you will have a waste-container transporter that is made to do it all. These vehicles will speed up the process of lifting and transporting full waste containers and give your business a more efficient way to manage its waste.

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