Skip Loader

Skip Loaders and Earthmoving Equipment

Skip loaders are arguably some of the most versatile earthmoving vehicles in the construction industry. These vehicles are designed for landscaping purposes and loading applications. They feature a front-mounted bucket and a rear-mounted box scraper to allow for various functions in earthmoving, landscaping, and construction work. Skip loaders are commonly used to assist earthmoving machinery in relocating and transporting dug-up earth from a construction site. They are also very useful for the mining industry. Dump trucks are limited by their design, where skip loaders offer all-terrain manoeuvrability.

These machines use their front-mounted buckets to load earth and soil for transportation. The rear-mounted box scraper has a simple function, and that is to smooth out the remaining surface. The scraper can also be used for a variety of other functions. Mainly, it is used for scraping the surface to be flat and smooth. Marrel is one of the leading European brands making skip loaders. They brought their innovative design to the industry. Today, skip loaders form part of almost any construction fleet. 600SA Holdings also features a selection of hook-lift trucks from Marrel.


Marrel Hook Lift Trucks

Skip loaders are very effective as earthmoving vehicles. Marrel took the successful concept of their loaders and applied it to their hook lifts. These trucks offer versatility and amazing lifting capability when applying their rear-mounted hook lifts to get the job done. The hook-lift mechanism has the ability to fold into the body as well. This function allows the hook-lift truck to put large loads onto the back of the vehicle, without the hook getting in the way. If the truck is not carrying a load, the hook lift simply stays on standby on the back and ready to be used.

Hook-lift trucks can be used for a myriad of applications. Mostly, you see these trucks towing large vehicles such as buses or other trucks. This is done through the hook lift itself being directly mounted onto the chassis of the truck. Therefore, the lift remains stable during transportation and pivot from a central point to avoid sideways wobbling and reduce instability during transportation. Whether a large container has to be loaded and transported, or a race car needs a lift to the track, hook lifts can be of assistance.

As with their skip loaders, Marrel uses only the finest techniques to manufacture their lifting equipment. The Ampliroll AL20 is one of the hook lift trucks featured in 600SA’s selection. This truck features rear hydraulic body locking for optimal stability during the transportation of heavy loads. It also has a self-automatic mechanical lock to keep the main arm and tilting frame in place during lifting. The lift features a pin-mounted hook to allow for easy parts exchange. As a result, this hook-lift truck is a versatile and well-built machine that can be used in many applications.

600SA Holdings has a variety of lifting equipment to take your business to the next level. Our wide range of machinery includes two hook-lift trucks from skip-loader experts Marrel. We also feature an all-encompassing selection of truck-mounted cranes from Fassi that can serve as hook lifts on the back of your trucks.