Skip Loaders

Waste Management Solutions for Industrial Businesses 

Waste management is crucial for industrial businesses that produce high volumes of waste. Normally, the municipal services are in charge of handling basic waste collection and dumping with standardised bins. This process is carried out by waste-compactor trucks and their crews. However, waste compactors are limited to bins of specific sizes. If your business uses large, open containers instead, you will need skip loaders to pick up and transport such containers. Luckily, we offer a range of skip loaders from VDL to get you there.

Skip loaders take the tractor unit of a truck and uses the rear of the unit for loading room as opposed to adding a magnetic hook for transporting shipping containers. This bay is perfect for large waste containers. These containers are picked up and held in place with the mechanical arms that are mounted on the sides of the bay. These offer additional functionality as well, allowing the operator to tip the container to empty it. Therefore, the process is more streamlined and does not require a lift to tip the container.

VDL Skip Loaders

vdl skip loaders

VDL is a Dutch manufacturer that produces skip loaders. Their vehicles are designed to optimise range and stability for quality waste-management solutions. The lifting arms on these vehicles have dual-operation functionality to further enhance their capability. With the angled lifting arms, the vehicle has improved manoeuvrability in confined areas. Slanted containers can easily be lifted, placed, and transported with this innovative system. As a result, these vehicles are optimised for industrial waste-management solutions.

When manufacturing products from steel or other metals, a simple concept applies to ensure the structural integrity and load-bearing ability of these materials: Similar to wood, a metal product can handle far higher loads when it is a continuous piece of metal as opposed to several attached sections welded together. VDL’s experience with steel fabrication minimises the required welding to produce stronger lift arms that can handle heavier loads. As a result, such skip loaders offer better durability and strength over extended periods. Since the containers are made from steel, they are very heavy to lift and transport; therefore, VDL employs some safety measures on their systems as well.

A cabin-protection fence can be installed to avoid the container from accidentally impacting the cabin window when loaded or transported. The rear lights also have covers to ensure that they are protected. The sliding arms have support legs and can be operated independently of each other. This function allows for more control over the lifting and tipping processes. The system also features fixed or adjustable skip stops for even more control over the container. As a result, our selection of VDL waste-management products can make a notable difference to how your business does its industrial waste management.

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