Skip Truck for Hire

We Hire Out Skip Trucks

Skip trucks are effective waste-management trucks that collect and transport waste for residential areas and industrial businesses. These loaders are a common sight worldwide because of their ease of operation and durability. Waste collection is a task that requires a properly sealed waste container with enough volume to carry a big load. The waste container not only has to support the load, but also prevent any waste from escaping. These basic functions are wrapped in a single skip truck, and 600SA Holdings offers these trucks for hire.

Skip loaders are useful for a variety of applications, depending on the intended design of the truck. Waste-management trucks use their skip-loader functionality to load waste quickly and efficiently. With such an effective way to load and transport waste, this type of vehicle has been in use for decades around the world. We offer a selection of skip trucks for hire from different brands. These brands include Orakci and Usimeca. Today, we will look at the options from Usimeca and the specifications of these trucks.


Usimeca Skip Trucks for Hire

With a waste-management vehicle, you want something sturdy that will not only carry heavy loads, but also resist wear. With durability comes cost-effective sustainability. Therefore, your waste-management trucks should withstand the workload and environmental challenges of collecting and transporting waste. We offer two truck ranges from Usimeca. The first range is called the Delta. This range is available in 19- and 21-m3 compactors. These trucks feature full, continuous exterior welds to improve overall strength and to seal in liquids.

The Delta series models uses high-tensile and abrasion-resistant steel in their construction. These materials offer high resistance to most forms of degradation, increasing durability. It also makes the trucks easier to clean and maintain over long periods. These skip trucks feature rubber gaskets around the bottom and sides of the tailgate, creating a liquid-tight seal. Another useful feature is the added ability to stop and reverse the packing cycle. The loader has a buzzer system to notify the driver when it is safe to proceed. This is both a comfortable and safe addition for any waste-management skip truck.

Moving on to our second Usimeca skip truck series for hire, we present the Brutus. This range is available in a choice of 19- and 21-m³ compactors. The tailgate adds another 2,2 m³ to the overall capacity. The Brutus trucks have a rated packing cycle of 22 to 24 seconds. The exterior design of these skip trucks features steps and grab handles for easy mounting. A communication system between loaders and driver is standard, increasing overall safety of the crew. Shovel and broom supports will also assist with the loading process in case of a spillage.

600SA Holdings offers sensible skip-truck hire options from brands that include Usimeca and Orakci. Please contact us directly for any details on how to hire these vehicles. We also offer a selection of truck-mounted cranes for commercial and industrial applications. Choose 600SA Holdings today for your industrial-machinery hire needs and let us deliver quality solutions for your business.