Skip Truck for Sale

Reliable Skip Loaders for Sale

Skip trucks are mostly used for commercial and industrial waste-disposal jobs. These trucks have side-mounted loader arms that are designed to handle waste containers and tip them at designated waste-disposal areas. In some cases, skip loaders can be converted to carry waste compactors as well; however, the design of such a vehicle would be different to the design of a regular skip loader. 600SA Holdings offers skip trucks and waste compactors for sale to our clients. These trucks are designed to offer robust and durable waste-disposal solutions to any business.

A skip loader is available in either a fixed and telescopic version, with subtle differences that differentiate them. A fixed loader has restricted control of the side arms’ movement to improve stability during lifting and transportation. In the case of the telescopic version, on the other hand, the side arms can tilt, which grants it tipping functionality as well. Our range of VDL skip loaders offers derivatives of both configurations and our range of waste-compactor trucks feature fixed compactors mounted on the rear. Today, we will focus on how a skip truck can make a difference in your business.

The Importance of Effective Waste Disposal

A large part of any industrial business’s job is the due diligence of disposing of their waste frequently to prevent it from piling up and becoming a hazard. Industries working with flammable materials and substances cannot ignore the risk of waste catching fire, so using a skip truck to transport the waste to a safe dumping zone is a much better option. In our range, we offer a quality option for sale in the form of the VDL skip-loader trucks.

The VDL skip-truck system offers solutions for the transportation of open waste containers. The loader system has side-mounted arms to easily load and tip containers. Slanted containers are difficult to manage with skip loaders but luckily, we have VLD trucks for sale that can handle these. With dual operations possible with its hexagonal lift arms, this loader offers excellent flexibility and features in this class. There are few welding joints on this loader system to reduce jointed areas that could fail and adversely affect its load capacity and safety during heavy lifts. This feat is accomplished through innovative steel fabrication to grant it even more strength.

We offer these skip trucks for sale in 8- and 16-t load capacities. The 8-t loader features a single rear-wheel axle to deliver a solution for optimal navigation in confined areas. The 16-t loader has two rear-wheel axles for extra chassis support, enabling it to carry larger loads. The support legs and sliding arms of the loader system can operate independently for optimal control and increased functionality. Therefore, a heavy load can be transported in a more practical position and also tipped with more precision. The skip stops can also be fixed and are fully adjustable according to the needs of the operator.

600SA Holdings offers VDL skip truck loaders systems for sale to businesses in need of an effective waste-disposal vehicle. For more information on these loaders, please contact us today with any enquiries.