Skip Truck Hire

Skip Truck Garbage Compressors

Skip trucks are commonly converted into garbage compactors for suburban and residential garbage management and transportation. These trucks have large garbage compactors to load and carry collected garbage. Although these trucks seem to have been around forever, they have been modernised over the years and there is still no better way to collect and transport garbage. Therefore, they remain the default choice for urban rubbish removal. If you are looking for a company where you can hire quality skip trucks, 600SA Holdings has the solutions you are looking for.

In general, skip trucks can be used in a variety of carrier-truck configurations. Adding a garbage compactor onto the rear of the truck transforms it into a machine that can collect and transport waste. As South Africans, we are familiar with the weekly drill of filling the garbage bins and putting them out on the sidewalk for the municipal garbage trucks to empty. Today, we will focus on the machinery that makes all of this possible.


Skip Truck Hire Made Easy

600SA Holdings offers a wide selection of industrial machinery. Our range of skip trucks available for hire will offer your business excellent reliability and versatility. Orakci and Usimeca are the two featured brands in our inventory. With waste compaction, bigger is usually better, as it allows for larger loads to be transported. However, a smaller compactor can be ideal for certain applications. It depends on your requirements.

Usimeca is a Brazilian manufacturer of skip trucks that they transform into waste compactors. 600SA features two distinct ranges from this brand to choose from. Up first, we have the Delta range. We offer two models in this range, namely the 19- and 21-m³ compactors. Their design allows the crew to easily hop on and off. High-tensile and abrasion-resistant steel are used in the construction of the body and frame. This results in a durable vehicle that can withstand harsh operating conditions. A rubber gasket provides a liquid-tight seal that spans the bottom and sides of the tailgate to prevent leakage while in operation. This truck also features a buzzer system for the crew to inform the driver when they are ready for departure.

Moving on to the Brutus range, this is a particularly robust skip truck that we also offer for hire. This waste compactor is also available in a choice of 19- and 21-m³ compactors. Built to withstand the harsh South African climate and operating conditions, the Brutus will do its job without breaking a sweat. This truck offers an extended tailgate and more than enough room for the hop-on crew. With the waste compactor sitting on a double-axle rear bay, the truck offers stable transportation, even when carrying heavy loads. The packing cycle takes 22 to 24 s in total, with a communication system between the crew and driver to optimise efficiency.

600SA Holdings is where you will find skip-truck hire solutions for your business. For more information on our equipment, feel free to browse the website for brochures and specification sheets. If you need any details on our hire process, please contact us directly.