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Skip trucks are commonly used for the transportation of garbage containers. Some models offer their own waste compactors mounted on the rear of the truck. Skip trucks usually have the ability to load large garbage containers from the front and rear of the vehicle. This makes life easy for their operators and drivers. When we look at a waste compactor, on the other hand, its functionality is far more limited and not comparable to that of a proper skip truck.

Waste compactors focus on collecting and transporting compacted waste to dumpsites. This process avoids the use of large waste containers, as the compactor in the back acts as the waste container in this instance. Regardless of which vehicle you prefer, the result is similar. The main purpose of a skip truck and a waste compactor is to collect waste and transport it to allocated dumpsites. If you are looking for a viable waste compactor, 600SA Holdings has a couple of options for your business. Today, we will focus on a waste compactor from Orakci. This machine is designed to handle harsh work conditions.


The Art of Waste Transportation

Skip trucks have a specific purpose in terms of their functionality. They are built to have the room to load big waste containers onto the vehicle and safely transport them to a dumpsite. With a waste compactor, the waste is usually collected from a residential area and stored in the back of the vehicle. The waste compactor in the back makes provision for loading waste from specific types of containers. These containers have universal sizes and are designed to fit within waste compactors with ease.

600SA Holdings has an ideal waste compactor for the harsh African climate and South African work environment. The Orakci ORV 415 is the workhorse in its class. The inside dimensions of this waste compactor mounted onto the back of the truck are 3270 x 2120 x 2160 mm. This results in a body volume of 15 m³. It also features an additional hopper capacity of 2 m³ to be added on top of the inside body volume. The body’s floor, sidewalls, and roof are made from steel that varies from 3 to 5 mm in thickness. The steel structure ensures the stability and strength of the vehicle’s body during a hard day’s work.

With a steel construction resting on a robust chassis, the vehicle is bound to be heavy. When the vehicle is fully loaded, the weight is also increased by the amount of waste it carries. Therefore, it is pivotal to optimise stability while mobile. The heavy body gives stability to the truck itself, as is the case with a skip truck. As a result, the truck will stay stable and contain its load when travelling at normal operational speeds. Mostly, these trucks tend to travel slowly.

600SA Holdings has a variety of industrial and commercial equipment. We offer waste compactors, truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes, and other solutions to accommodate your needs. For more information on our equipment, please browse our website for detailed specifications, images, and documentation. 600SA Holdings can elevate your business to new heights with our range of quality industrial and commercial equipment.