Sweeper Machine

Innovative Floor Sweepers

A sweeper machine is a vehicle that is designed with the sole purpose of cleaning floor surfaces quickly and efficiently. Within an industrial setting, these machines can be used to clean the floors of busy workshops and manufacturing facilities. Commercial warehouses can also benefit from such a vehicle to dramatically reduce sweeping times. It is always necessary to keep the floors of an industrial facility clean, because flammable liquids and materials, such as oil and sawdust, hold the potential of fire or explosions in storage facilities and other buildings with open floor plans.

600SA Holdings offers a selection of sweeper machines from Bucher Schörling. These machines have innovative designs to put them on the cutting edge of floor cleaning and these vehicles are proven to be effective sweeping solutions. Whether it is a large shopping mall or a warehouse, their speed and ease of operation will ensure optimal floor-cleaning efficiency. Today, we will look at some of the details of how they operate to demonstrate why they can be indispensable to your business too.

The CityCat Solution

The Bucher CityCat range features two single-seater compact sweeping machines. These vehicles are designed to optimise their manoeuvrability in confined spaces as well. With their front-mounted brushes and large glass area that extends down to the cabin’s floor level, the operator has an unobstructed view of the fore area and brushes. Let’s take a closer look at the CityCat 1000 model.

The brushes on this sweeper feature hydraulic brush-pressure adjustments to deliver top performance in any situation. Both front brushes are extendable and can be controlled independently. The arms are protected against impacts, adding to the driver’s ease of operation. Dust suppression is a vital requirement in a floor sweeper and with the addition of water spray jets, the brushes can suppress the dust being generated while sweeping. This function traps the dust on the floor, where the brushes can easily pick it up.

The undercarriage of the vehicle features a suction nozzle that is supported by castor wheels. Swivel castors are exceptionally good at changing direction, making sure that the nozzle is always pointing in the right direction. The nozzle also features a water spray jet to assist in capturing dust particles. A special mounting to the undercarriage allows the nozzle to ride over obstacles with ease.

The narrow body of this sweeper machine is designed to handle confined spaces with ease. With its brush extensions, the operator can easily reach under workbenches, shelves, and other immovable structures in the facility. Therefore, this machine is ideal for a wide selection of applications. Urban environments offer various challenges for sweeping and cleaning machines and the CityCat 1000 meets these challenges through its smart brush operation and compact design. So, if you are looking for a sweeper machine that can handle both large areas and confined spaces, the CityCat range from Bucher Schörling holds the answers.

600SA Holdings offers a wide selection of cleaning and waste-disposal solutions for both industrial and commercial businesses. For more information on these sweeper machines, please browse our website for brochures. Make sweeping large floors simplicity itself with the handy and innovative CityCat range today.