Sweeper Machine

Waste-Management and Cleaning Solutions

The world of waste management has seen innovative machine designs to deliver vehicles with specific functions to assist in waste collection and transportation. Skip loaders are a common choice for regular residential and industrial applications. Keeping public streets and sidewalks clean, however, requires something other than a large compactor truck. This is where sweeper machines come into the picture, delivering useful solutions to sweep surfaces quickly and efficiently. To this end, 600SA Holdings offers the CityCat range from Bucher Schörling.

Keeping walkways and streets clean and free from rubbish can be a struggle. With a CityCat, this process becomes easy and hassle-free. As with waste collection, when the right equipment is used, the process is fast and efficient. When it comes to sweeping, a quality sweeper machine can ensure quick turnaround times and useful features to ease the job. Today, we will delve into some detail on the CityCat and what to expect from this nimble little sweeper. It offers much more than meets the eye to increase efficiency and provide the necessary functions to get the sweeping done.


The CityCat 2020 Sweeper Machine

With any type of cleaning machine, the operator wants ease of operation and an ergonomic cabin to afford them optimised control over the equipment under their control. The CityCat 2020 sweeper machine offers articulated steering and, as a result, the rear of the vehicle will follow in the exact tracks of the front. This handy safety feature also adds to the manoeuvrability of the vehicle. With precise steering, the operator can ensure that the suction nozzle always faces in the direction of travel to optimise cleaning efficiency directly in front of the vehicle.

The CityCat 2020 features an extended-reach brush on the front end of the vehicle. This brush can reach inaccessible areas, cleaning underneath benches and tables without having to move them. The design of the articulated chassis also delivers optimal stability during changes of direction. As a result, this sweeper machine will remain stable and under the full control of the operator at all times. This provides a comfortable and safe way for the driver of a CityCat 2020 to operate the machine.

The chassis features hydraulic lift and tilt mechanisms to assist this sweeper machine over uneven terrain and changing surface contours. This allows the CityCat 2020 to clean steps and elevated areas with ease. During operation, the driver has controls at their fingertips to adjust the front brush to suit the intended sweeping area. This sweeper machine also features a weed brush. This handy accessory removes weeds by pulling and sweeping them up in a single pass. This process avoids the use of chemicals to get rid of weeds, making it environmentally friendly as well. The CityCat 2020 is fitted with a low-emission diesel engine and controlled hydrostatic drive. This results in low fuel consumption and even lower emission levels.

We deliver a useful selection of industrial cleaning and waste management solutions. For more information on the CityCat 2020 sweeper machine, feel free to browse our website’s product specifications. Choose 600SA Holdings today and let our quality machinery elevate your business to the next level.