Sweeper Trucks

Consider Our Range of Sweeper Trucks from Leading Brands

Cleaning is a critical process at all industrial facilities such as warehouses, workshops, and manufacturing plants. Although it can be tedious, it is very important to ensure that the workplace is hygienic and safe. We offer sweeper trucks that can assist in the process of cleaning the floors at your facility. These vehicles can also be used on a commercial level for cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. Considering their versatility and manoeuvrability, little can touch them for cleaning all manner of surfaces on a large scale.

Speed is also an important consideration when cleaning a facility. However, one does not want to add speed at the expense of a good cleaning job. With our selection of sweeper trucks, this won’t happen. These vehicles are versatile, fast, easy to handle, and extremely efficient. You can expect to clean facilities in far less time than it would have taken using a walk-behind floor cleaner. Since these vehicles can cover large surface areas in short order, they are a smart choice for any industrial business in search of industrial cleaning solutions.

The CityCat 2020

sweeper truckBucher Schörling is one of the excellent brands that we stock. Their CityCat series of sweeper trucks can do it all. These vehicles are specifically designed to do the job of cleaning floors and surfaces. The CityCat 2020 is the ultimate model in this range, boasting every tool that you might need for effective cleaning. Its characteristically tall and narrow body design means that it is agile and can work in tight spaces, ably assisted by the articulated steering. By incorporating this type of steering system, the CityCat 2020 can manoeuvre its way around obstacles with ease.

Of course, this steering principle should be executed correctly in order to ensure that the rear wheels of these sweeper trucks follow faithfully in the exact tracks of the front wheels. With this ability, the operator can rest easy and not worry about the rear end ascribing a different arc and snagging when making tight turns. Since the suction nozzle is mounted to the front of the vehicle, the articulated steering allows it to always point in the direction of travel. Therefore, this vehicle can clean more efficiently, without leaving any dirt in its wake.

The front of this sweeper truck features an extended-reach brush that can access difficult areas underneath benches and equipment, as well as other hard-to-reach places, with ease. By being able to clean efficiently underneath various fixtures, the CityCat 2020 is in a league of its own. The brush also features hydraulic lift and tilt mechanisms that allow it to follow the contours of the surface it is cleaning. It can also clean steps and gutters, adding to the machine’s versatility and delivering a superbly capable allrounder.

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