Sweepmaster Commercial Sweepers

Sweepmaster Vacuum Sweepers for Commercial and Industrial Use

Commercial buildings such as large office blocks and shopping malls have large floor spaces that require industrial cleaning machines to maintain. However, keeping the floors clean and dry can be very challenging when using machines that only cover small areas or worse – manual sweepers. Therefore, Sweepmaster offers commercial sweepers that are ideal for these types of challenges. Whether it is an office building that has narrow corridors or a shopping mall that features wide, expansive floors, we have you covered.

Sweepmaster Sweepers B-P800

Parking lots are another big cleaning challenge for commercial buildings, as the parking levels are connected to access ramps that complicate things for maintenance crews. A ride-on machine can take care of large areas – some can even handle inclines to clean those access ramps. One of the biggest drawbacks of sweepers is the lack of a vacuum, which only results in dust being blown around as opposed to being removed. Sweepmaster machines feature vacuums to draw in all the dust while cleaning the floor. Therefore, you can properly clean and maintain floors instead of just generating a cloud of dust.

Walk-Behind Solutions 

Sweepmaster walk-behind machines are ideal for commercial buildings with narrow aisles and corridors. For facilities that deal with foot traffic, it is safer for a cleaner to move at walking pace as opposed to the operator flying past people on a ride-on model. The M600 is a compact and effective solution for offices and retailers with hard and smooth floors. This machine features a built-in dirt chute to collect dirt and dust as it sweeps and cleans. It is a feasible solution for cleaning spaces of between 100 and 200 m².

If you are looking for sweepers that can handle outdoor environments as well, the Sweepmaster B/P800 is the answer. This machine is available with an internal-combustion engine to allow for outdoor applications. It is also available with an electrically powered unit to make it safe for indoor usage. The B/P800 is a manually operated machine that also features a vacuum to trap dust while cleaning. It is specifically designed for use in the commercial sector and can tackle most small- to medium-sized areas with ease. As far as walk-behind solutions go, the B/P800 is at the top of its class.

Ride-On Solutions

Although most commercial buildings use walk-behind sweepers for the office areas, a ride-on solution can be used for the parking lot. Sweepmaster offers a variety of ride-on machines that can be used in both commercial and industrial sectors. If you want a compact walk-behind model combined with the comfort and range of a ride-on model, the B800 R offers the best of both. The body of the machine is compact and fitted with a seat and controls at the front. The result is a comfortable operating position that offers optimal visibility for the operator. It is ideal for narrow corridors and hard-to-reach spaces.

If you want ride-on sweepers that can handle outdoor environments, the Sweepmaster B/P900 R is ideal for commercial and industrial purposes. It features a petrol engine along with its hydrostatic drive to allow the machine to operate indoors and outdoors safely and efficiently. With the operator seated at the front of the machine, they have optimal visibility to steer the machine accurately and avoid collisions. This ride-on cleaner is perfect for dealing with medium-sized areas at virtually any type of facility.

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