Truck-Mounted Aerial Platform

Working at Height with A Truck-Mounted Aerial Platform

Working at height is an essential part of the industrial sector. Whether it is installations, maintenance, or construction, there is a need for structures that create safe work environments when the job requires vertical elevation. Commonly, extension ladders and scaffolding are used as feasible solutions for working at height. However, they are not feasible in every situation. Streetlights are placed directly next to the street, where both these options can be dangerous. Therefore, we offer a selection of truck-mounted aerial platforms to deliver alternative elevation solutions.

A truck-mounted aerial platform is an ideal addition to a small flatbed lorry. Such a piece of equipment is perfect for parking on an ideal location and hoisting it into the air to reach the desired location. It provides a secure surface from which to work and it is far better than holding onto an extension ladder or having to deal with a scaffolding tower being erected. We offer a few options in this space, giving you a sensible selection to find an ideal solution for your business.

Fast and Effective Vertical Access

Maintenance and repairs on electric cables are a typical use for such equipment. Since these cables are exposed to the elements, they are susceptible to damage. Therefore, you need a fast and effective solution for vertical access to perform maintenance or repairs on these cables. A truck-mounted aerial platform is the ideal solution, since your vehicle can simply be parked next to the worksite. The vertical reach will get you close enough to take care of the problem, at which point the platform can simply be retracted and the vehicle can drive away.

Safety is a big concern when working at height, especially when working with electric cables. In many cases, more than one person is required for repairs as well. The more control you have over an aerial platform, the safer and more stable your lift and reach will be. We offer telescopic and articulated models from Oil & Steel to ensure that you have optimal control over the equipment. As a result, you can expect fast turnaround times on maintenance and repair jobs when working at height. You can also expect a safer solution and completely avoid extension ladders that could collapse underneath you.

The telescopic truck-mounted aerial platform from Oil & Steel come in three models and features single or double pantograph movements. This allows it to be extended both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, you can vertically reach the desired height and then horizontally move closer to where you want to be. This feature also assists in moving the platform over the edges of buildings for safe roof access. The articulated series delivers an articulated shaft that folds vertically for a more compact solution when retracted. We offer both types in various lengths to ensure that you can find the ideal one for your needs.

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