Truck-Mounted Aerial Platform

Truck-Mounted Platforms for Working at Height

Most businesses in the industrial sector have their own fleet of vehicles that are used for different purposes. Such a line-up would include a few flatbed trucks for transporting pallets. However, they can be used for a variety of other applications as well. We offer a wide selection of truck-mounted equipment that can dramatically improve the functionality of such a flatbed. A knuckle-boom crane is used for loading purposes, while an aerial platform is used for working at height.

Our range of knuckle booms covers a large spectrum of functions and applications for different businesses. We also feature specifically designed units for the forestry and recycling industries specifically. When working at height, you need a stable aerial platform to rely on. Our truck-mounted options will give you the benefit of adding mobility to the equation as well. In most cases, working at height involves ladders or scaffolding. With our solutions, you can work at height wherever you need to, free of the hassle of setting up scaffolding or keeping a ladder stable.

Oil & Steel Aerial Platforms

Oil & Steel is a manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial platforms. We supply a telescopic and an articulated range from this manufacturer, as well as a self-propelled track unit. Although the differences might seem small, the uses of the different units determine which variant is best suited to your daily needs. Starting with the telescopic range, Oil & Steel offers the Snake range. These units feature articulated platforms that can move independently of their telescopic booms. This allows the boom to vertically lift the surface to a desired height, at which point the surface can be moved horizontally to extend over obstacles or grant a better position for working at height.

Every truck-mounted aerial platform in this range has a rotation system for added versatility. By using quality materials for the protective covers, along with its innovative design, you can expect good durability from the Snake. It is available in three sizes: 20, 21, and 25 m. Moving on to the Scorpion, we find an articulated variant on the Snake. The boom articulation allows the Scorpion to fold in on itself, resulting in a more compact solution for easy transportation. This boom is recommended for installation on a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of no less than 3,5 t.

The Scorpion is more suited to commercial and residential applications for working at height. These include quick access to streetlights and overhead cables. With its compact transportation feature, the Scorpion can be mounted on the rear of a flatbed truck without increasing the height clearance by much at all. It is also available in the same sizes as the Snake. Now, you can work at height with an aerial platform that is easy to transport and set up on site.

600SA Holdings is your solution to truck-mounted aerial platforms and knuckle-boom cranes. For more information on our entire range of Oil & Steel products, please peruse our website for images and specifications. Choose us today and we will supply the aerial platform to elevate your business with quality machinery.