Truck-Mounted Crane Hire

Truck-Mounted Crane Hire from 600SA Holdings

Truck-mounted cranes are a practical option for carrier and flatbed trucks. They are useful when loading and unloading goods from these trucks and they eliminate the need for an additional vehicle or piece of lifting equipment to do the loading. Therefore, mounting a knuckle-boom crane to the rear of your transportation truck will certainly be to your business’s benefit. We offer truck-mounted crane-hire solutions for your business. Our exhaustive selection includes models from Fassi and Penz Crane.

Penz Crane puts the focus on delivering knuckle-boom models specifically designed for handling forestry and recycling functions. These truck-mounted cranes are ideal for trucks having to haul logs or recycling materials. They can drastically speed up the loading process and take care of all the unloading once they reach their destination. This saves valuable time – and therefore money – for your business. Our range of Fassi truck-mounted cranes offers a more versatile approach. These cranes cover a large range of lifting-capacity ratings to suit your requirements. 600SA offers light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models to choose from.


Fassi Truck-Mounted Crane Hire

Fassi is a well-known knuckle-boom crane manufacturer. Knuckle-boom cranes are not the same as counterbalanced cranes; knuckle booms pivot on a singular point, with the ability to fold up and reach out, like a human finger. In contrast to counterbalanced cranes, knuckle booms generate power from their base – this is a completely different method of lifting. It also allows more rotation and therefore versatility. From a stationary vehicle, the operating radius for these cranes is much more extensive than that of a stationary counterbalanced equivalent.

Today, we will look at Fassi’s F195A knuckle-boom, truck-mounted crane. In terms of crane hire, this model is an outstanding choice for its versatility and functionality. The F195A is available in Active, e-Active, Dynamic, and e-Dynamic versions. The Active and e-Active models have a maximum lifting capacity of 18,6 tm. With a jib attached, they can reach out to 20,7 m in total. These cranes have a 400˚ rotation with a rack and pinion. The Dynamic and e-Dynamic models have a rated lifting capacity of 17,5 tm. These cranes can reach out to 22,7 m with a jib attached. The cranes feature a Prolink system with double linkage for a more stable and controlled lift.

If you are looking for solutions regarding truck-mounted crane hire, the F195A can deliver what you need. This knuckle boom can be mounted at the rear end of your truck or, alternatively, between the cockpit and cab. The lightweight F195A offers versatility and excellent lifting ability. It will enhance the versatility of your truck while having little effect on its weight or balance while driving. It is easy to stow away while on the road, as the knuckle-boom design can fold in on itself. In the end, this Fassi truck-mounted crane is an ideal medium-duty candidate crane for hire.

600SA Holdings offers a wide selection of truck-mounted cranes for hire and for sale. Our website contains all the details that you need to know to make an informed decision when hiring lifting equipment from us. Choose us today and take advantage of our wide selection of lifting equipment for your business.