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Truck-mounted cranes are mobile-crane solutions for a variety of applications. These useful cranes can be mounted onto the back of industrial and commercial trucks to add a newfound versatility to the vehicle. Truck-mounted cranes can range from light-duty forestry and recycling models to heavy-duty construction models. We offer a selection of truck-mounted cranes to suit your business requirements. As a truck-mounted crane supplier, we cover a large variety of industrial and commercial applications. Therefore, you are bound to find an ideal option for your daily operations.

Mobile cranes are vital for both industrial and commercial applications. They provide mobility to otherwise static lifting equipment that would normally need an additional means of transportation. Mobile cranes are self-propelled machines that usually run on crawler tracks and are intended for specific industrial applications. In the case of truck-mounted cranes, the possibilities and applications become almost endless. These cranes can be mounted onto the rear of almost any truck and fold into themselves to provide for compact transportation. This is achieved through their clever knuckle-boom design.


A Truck-Mounted Crane Supplier with A Comprehensive Range

As mentioned, our truck-mounted cranes use the knuckle-boom design. This design takes its name from the anatomy of a person’s finger. As with a finger, the crane is designed with multiple joint points, or knuckles, that connect the crane’s sections. Therefore, the crane can extend and retract, folding into itself and extending to a maximum outreach as per the operator’s input commands. As a truck-mounted crane supplier, we offer a selection of these knuckle-boom cranes for you to take advantage of. Our selection starts with Penz Crane’s range of recycling and forestry models.

Forestry and recycling require light- to medium-duty lifting equipment for smaller pick-up and transportation tasks. With a Penz Crane truck-mounted crane on the rear of your truck, you do not need an additional vehicle or equipment to fill up the bay. Simply drive the truck to the pick-up location, deploy the knuckle boom, and load the bay. The concept of adding a truck-mounted crane to your transportation truck saves valuable resources for your business. 600SA Holdings can be the supplier that brings you these solutions for your daily operations.

We also offer a complete range of Fassi truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes to choose from. These cranes are not specifically designed for single applications, making them versatile and suitable for many tasks. Fassi’s light-duty range offers a selection of mobile cranes that can be used for elementary pick-up and loading applications. We also offer a Fassi medium-duty range that is ideal for construction, courier, and similar applications. For the heavy-duty functions, Fassi’s heavy-duty range will deliver what you need to get the big jobs done. Whether it is heavy-vehicle transportation and towing or carrying large and heavy pallets on a flatbed, the heavy-duty Fassi range can handle it all.

600SA Holdings is the truck-mounted crane supplier that your business needs to reach new heights. Our website contains all the information you need on these incredible knuckle-boom cranes before committing to purchase. Feel free to contact us with your enquiries and let 600SA Holdings take care of your mobile lifting-equipment needs.