Truck-Mounted Cranes

Knuckle Booms for Your Business

The most important aspect of running a vehicle fleet is ensuring that every vehicle in it has the necessary tools to do its job. A delivery vehicle should have more than enough space for products and goods. An all-terrain construction vehicle should be able to travel on rough and uneven terrain. This brings us to vehicles that have flat beds or loading bays. On its own, such a vehicle requires the help of separate lifting equipment to load pallets or materials onto it. We address this problem by offering truck-mounted cranes that can lift and load such vehicles with ease.

A truck-mounted crane can be placed between the cabin and the flatbed to allow the boom to serve as a towing rod as well. This is ideal when dealing with heavy loads or vehicles that must be held in place during transportation or towed onto the rear of the truck. The boom can also be mounted at the rear end of the loading bay, which is ideal for light-duty applications. By placing the boom at the rear, the operator has better all-round visibility and, therefore, better control.

The Benefits of A Truck-Mounted Crane

Our range of truck-mounted cranes features a selection that includes the wares of various manufacturers, including Fassi and Penz. Both produce knuckle booms that are ideal for this type of application. The knuckle-boom design allows for a compact unit when completely retracted. This eases transportation with the boom mounted on the truck. It also allows the boom to freely rotate during operation, making it an ideal solution for loading purposes. No matter the type of industry you are in, we have you covered.

Penz specialises in supplying truck-mounted cranes for specific industries. The forestry sector requires specialist lifting equipment to avoid damaging logs during handling and transportation. Penz offers two ranges of knuckle booms that cater specifically to this industry; they have two ranges for recycling purposes too. These booms are designed to handle light- to medium-duty loads, making them ideal for picking up recyclable waste. If you want a more universal and versatile approach, Fassi offers three ranges based on the knuckle booms’ load capacities. Therefore, you can pick the right unit based on how much weight it is required to handle.

Fassi’s selection of truck-mounted cranes is made of durable and strong materials for optimal performance and dependability. Their light-duty range is suitable for lifting and loading objects that would be difficult or cumbersome to lift with heavy-duty lifting equipment. Their medium-duty range can be used in a wide range of applications, ranging from lifting vehicles and towing to lifting heavily laden warehouse pallets. If you need still more power, their heavy-duty range goes above and beyond to ensure that you can lift almost anything. This range is well-suited for dealing with heavy lifting and loading jobs for your business.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of truck-mounted cranes in a wide variety of sizes and load capacities. For more on our selection of Penz and Fassi knuckle booms, please peruse our website for details and specifications on the available units. Choose us as your supplier today and experience quality industrial equipment.