Cleanol Food

Hako Cleanol Food is a high alkaline detergent for the removal of medium to heavy dirt in the food processing industry. It is highly effective in the removal of vegetable and animal fats, starch, proteins and other sticky pollutants from water/alkaline resistant floors. The product…

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Hako Cleanol-1 is a pH neutral product for daily cleaning of water-resistant floors in workshops, garages, industries etc. It effortlessly removes greasy and oily dirt and is user-friendly as the wastewater can safely be discharged via an oil-water separator.

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Hako Cleanol-R is a highly effective, alkaline product especially designed for the removal of rubber tracks and stripes left on the floor by shoes and forklift tyres. It is a pre-spray product and should NOT be used in a scrubber-drier. It can be used on…

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Hako Cleanol-HD is a high alkaline detergent for the cleaning of all water/alkaline resistant concrete and industrial floors. The product is suitable for removing heavy industrial dirt such as grease and oils, as well as for the removal of old wax or polymer-based protective layers….

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Hako Polyclean is ideal for the maintenance of all water resistant floor coverings that are light to moderately soiled. It is perfect for use on floors where a certain gloss is required like linoleum, tiles, PVC and natural stone, amongst others. Hako Polyclean can also…

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Hako Cleanol is made for daily cleaning of all water-resistant floors. It removes light to medium soiling, as well as grease and dirt, and is safe for protective layers and has a fresh fragrance. Due to its calcium-binding properties, Hako Cleanol will dry to a…

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Hako Cleanol-K does not have surfactants and is ideally suited for the cleaning of micro-porous surfaces such as marble, marble composite, unglazed floor tiles and anti-slip tiles, amongst others. Dirt should preferably be removed with a scrubber-drier or wet-vacuum machine to make sure the grime…

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