Balancell Lithium-ion

lithium-ion battery for forklift trucks

Lithium-ion Batteries

600SA is proud to bring to market our Balancell lithium-ion battery for forklift trucks and warehousing equipment. Lithium-ion batteries enables you to operate multiple shifts with a single battery, ensuring longer operational time and productivity as well as opportunity charging.”  

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Hawker Batteries

Hawker waterless forklift battery

Hawker Water Less

The Hawker waterless battery from EnerSys based on PzS proven technology provides longer topping up intervals of 4, 8 or 13 weeks depending on charging technology and options. Available in DIN and BS sizes, it is suitable for all duty applications. Costs savings when using…

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Hawker Perfect Plus

Hawker Perfect Plus

Hawker® Perfect Plus™ forklift battery provides a high level of power and reliability for all industrial truck operations, from simple applications with a low capacity loading up to heavy-duty multi-shift work. Hawker® Perfect Plus™ forklift batteries provides higher efficiency in discharge, which is achieved by…

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hawker ironclad forklift battery


The Hawker IRONCLAD forklift battery meets the demands of even the toughest, heavy-duty applications. It is designed with the proven EnerSys® square tube technology to deliver higher sustained operating voltages and rugged reliability for higher productivity and longer life. Whatever the motive power application, the…

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NesSys 2

NexSys 2

The NexSys™ 2 volt cells are constructed using pure lead plates that are much thinner than lead-calcium/ antimony grids. Pure lead grain structure makes the grid far more resistant to corrosion. Positive and negative plates are low impedance enabling high current flow in both discharge and…

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Hawker-Evolution Industrial battery

Hawker Evolution

Hawker® Evolution® is a new valve-regulated gas recombination battery with gelled electrolyte, accepting up to 80% DOD 5. This range is suitable for use in forklift trucks, pallet trucks, electric vehicles and automatic transport systems.

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Hawker Water Less ® 20

The Hawker Water Less range is at the leading edge of battery technology and brings added efficiency to any business. It is capable of operating for up to 100 cycles (approx. 20 weeks in normal duty applications) before topping up is required.

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