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Telescopic truck mounted aerial platform

The Snake line includes articulated platforms with simple or double pantograph. With this design it is possible to move straight up and then extend over any obstacles at height. All models are fitted with a rotation system on the fifth wheel. New design and new materials for the protective covers of the controls give the Snake’s product line increased strength and durability over time, as well as protection of the devices during the platforms ordinary use.

Module Height View PDF
Snake 135 12.6
Snake 147 14m
Snake 189 17.8m
Snake 2112 21.2m
Snake 2312 22.8m
Snake 2512 4.6m

Articulated truck mounted aerial platform

Scorpion is a series of platforms installed on a vehicle with a GVW of minimum 3.5 tonnes, equipped with a telescopic arm which can reach a maximum work height of 20 m with the 2012 version. This series of platforms differs from competitor products in that it has reduced dimensions and a unique set up speed. Scorpion is particularly suitable for overhead and road lighting maintenance and thanks to its ease of use it is suitable for rental industry without operator

Module Height View PDF
Scorpion 1490 14.2m
Scorpion 1812 17.8m
Scorpion 2312 23.3m

Octopus, self-propelled track platform

The Octopus line is characterized by its extreme compactness, which allows all the models in this range to pass within very tight and narrow spaces. All models are equipped with double pantograph joint, which allows unthinkable performance and movements for platforms of this category and, above all, the perfectly verical lift/descend. Thanks to the new radio-controlled remote control systems, the operator can manoeuvre the platform without standing in its range of action; this means increased operating safety for the operator during use of the Octopus.

Module Height
Octopus 25 20m
Octopus 45 21m
Octopus 60 25m

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