Usimeca Waste Compactors

How Usimeca Waste Compactors Make A Difference in Waste Management

Waste management is a broad arena that involves every business and household. Municipal services are responsible for weekly bin collections in residential areas. Compactor trucks are commonly used to collect the bins set out on the side of the road. These trucks are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to deliver fast turnaround times and effective rubbish collection. Although they are mostly used for residential trash collection, they can also be used for your business.

Waste-compactors are large and heavy trucks. They normally travel at low speeds to allow the collectors to easily hop off and on. These purpose-built vehicles are very efficient with municipal bin collection. The bins are simply loaded into the rear of these compactors, at which point they are tipped and emptied. From there, the bins are returned, and the trucks can move forward. The collected rubbish is transported to a safe dumpsite where the truck is emptied and the process can be reset for the next run. We offer a selection of these trucks from Usimeca.

Usimeca Waste-Management Solutions

Usimeca is a manufacturer of waste compactors, and we have two ranges of their trucks to choose from. These trucks are purpose-built for collecting and transporting trash to a dumpsite. The rear of these trucks is where all the weight sits. Therefore, the rear end features a double axle to support the weight and carry it when driving. Since the vehicle is so heavy during most of its operating time, it is pivotal to ensure that travelling speeds are kept to a minimum.

The Usimeca Delta features a rear-end loading compactor that is available in three different sizes. These sizes can be either 19,2, 21,1, or 23,3 m³ in volume. The Delta features a smooth body construction that complements the shape of the compactor. The exterior of the body has continuous welds to ensure that the body is sealed properly. Continuous welds mean that breaks are virtually eliminated in the welding of the body. This ensures that the waste liquids are kept inside and does not find a place through which to leak out. It also features steps and grab handles for up to four people to mount the rear of the truck.

Usimeca also offers the Brutus series. This truck also features the basics that are necessary for proper waste management. With a couple of options regarding the size of these compactors, this series is ideal for almost any business or municipal application. The smaller models feature a 4×2 chassis configuration, while the bigger models have either a 6×2 or a 6×4 configuration. The trucks in this series also feature communications equipment between the driver and the personnel, which improves efficiency and safety for the entire crew.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of Usimeca waste compactors in South Africa. We also offer a selection of truck-mounted cranes for your loader trucks. For more information on our available machines and lifting equipment, please browse our website for brochures. Choose us today and let we elevate your waste management to the next level.