VDL Skip Loaders

VDL Skip Loader Trucks for Your Business

Skip loaders are specialised lift trucks that are designed to handle and carry large waste containers. These trucks are commonly built on the horse unit of a truck, fitted with the specialised loader arms on the rear. Much like a large tow truck, these vehicles are purpose-built for one specific application. With more than enough power being generated by the truck’s engine, they can carry heavy loads and transport large waste containers to designated dumpsites. They can be a feasible solution for any business that has a use for them.

Similarly to compactor trucks, skip loaders carry the waste on the rear axle(s) of the vehicle. This is the typical weight distribution for trucks and it ensures that heavy loads can be carried this way without the handling of the vehicle deteriorating too dramatically. With the tractor unit at the front, there is enough room for a large engine to generate the necessary power to propel such a vehicle, even fully laden. It also ensures that the maximum amount of waste can be transported. If your business regularly deals with large waste containers, such a vehicle is an ideal addition to your fleet.

VDL Skip Loaders 

vdl skip loaders600SA Holdings offers a wide variety of industrial lifting equipment, as well as industrial cleaning and waste-management solutions for your business. We have compactor trucks that can assist in smart waste management. We also offer the skip loader from VDL to deal with larger containers that require a specialised vehicle. VDL is at the cutting edge of innovative design regarding their loader-arm design and welding processes. This gives their trucks a significant advantage by limiting the number of welds on the arms. Fewer welds means that the arms are more strongly integral and less likely to fail at welding points during heavy lifts.

Innovative fabrication methods improve the quality of products fabricated from all manner of materials. The best design would be to make something from a solid piece of a material if at all possible for maximum strength. By reducing the number of joints, these loader systems will be as strong as they possibly can be under load. VDL skip loaders are strong and reliable, able to deal with most large waste containers easily. They can even handle slanted containers, which is a huge boon for industrial businesses using these.

Since these trucks deal with heavy loads, VDL’s selection of skip loaders features cabin-protection fences between the cabin and the steel arms. These fences protect the cabin from heavy impacts against the rear- window. It also protects the cabin form any damage that could occur in case of a mishap when loading a heavy container. In the end, safety plays a pivotal role in the industrial sector. Therefore, these trucks can also tip their loads to avoid any swaying during a lift.

600SA Holdings is your answer to industrial waste-management and cleaning solutions. We also offer truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes that can enhance the functions of your loader trucks. For more information on our selection of VDL skip loaders, please browse our website for all their specifications.