Waste Compactor

Top-Quality and Reliable Waste Compactors

Waste compactors are essential for any municipality. They offer a way to collect and compact waste from city areas. There are several sizes available to handle both small and large amounts of waste. 600SA Holdings offers a selection of waste compactors for our clients. These compactors are strong and solid in design, which makes them ideal for harsh South African conditions. Business can also employ waste compactors to easily handle a large area’s waste, compact it, and dump it at a designated dumpsite.

We offer waste compactors from Orakci and Usimeca. These brands offer different sizes to suit your business’s requirements. Municipalities can also make us of these machines. Although they hold up the traffic once a week in your street, these trucks are patiently tolerated, because they keep our cities clear of waste. Today, we will delve into some detail on our available models from Orakci. These waste compactors can be ideal for your business or municipal area too.


Orakci Waste Compactors

A standard waste compactor must have some basic features such as a large inner body to store and compact the waste. It should also have room for people to comfortably mount and dismount form the outside of the vehicle. This allows them to collect rubbish bins on the side of the road or in specified collection areas on business premises. Orakci’s range of waste compactors delivers on all fronts. These machines are robust and can handle the beating of weekly trash collecting.

Starting with the ORV415, we offer a rugged steel waste compactor. The ORV415 features inner body dimensions of 3270 x 2120 x 2160 mm. This results in a useful 15 m³ capacity. It also has a hopper capacity of 2 m³ to bring its total capacity to 17 m³. The body floor is made from 5-mm steel to take on any load of rubbish without taking any strain. The sides feature 4-mm steel and the roof 3-mm steel. This amounts to a total body weight of about 6 t.

The ORV313 is a smaller, more compact model. This waste compactor’s inner body dimensions are 3400 x 2097 x 1716 mm. Its body capacity is therefore less than that of the ORV415. The ORV313 has a total inner body capacity 13 m³, with a 1,5-m³ hopper capacity for a total capacity that adds up to 14,5 m³. This waste compactor has a rated body weight of 4,4 t and it can haul a rated payload of 5,9 t as well. The substantial body weight is a direct result of using thick 4-mm and 3-mm steel to build the floor, body, and roof of the container on the back. As a result, this vehicle is robust and can handle the tough work environment of waste collecting and dumping.

600SA Holdings offers suitable solutions for waste compactors. Our website is filled with information on these rugged machines. Feel free to peruse it at your leisure. Choose 600SA Holdings for a variety of industrial and commercial machinery for your business. Our selection includes waste compactors, truck-mounted knuckle-boom cranes, and more to take your business to new heights.