Waste Compactor South Africa

Waste Compactors for South Africa

Waste compactors play a vital role in South Africa, taking care of compacting and transporting waste in an effective manner. Municipalities use these trucks on a weekly basis to collect municipal bins from residential areas, empty them into the waste compactor, and returning the bins to their owners to fill over the next week to keep the cycle going. With their functional body designs, waste compactor trucks are easy for hopping on and off while on its routes, giving employees ease of access to quickly grab bins form the side of the road, empty them into the compactor, and return them in double time without having to waste precious seconds.

Waste disposal is a very important public service and requires waste-compactor trucks of the highest quality to take care of this task efficiently. Should you be looking for a a supplier of waste-compactor trucks in South Africa, look no further than 600SA Holdings, as we offer a comprehensive selection of waste-disposal solutions to not only fit your preferences, but also the work environment in which you will use them. Today, we will have a closer look at our selection of Usimeca vehicles and how they go about waste compacting and transportation.


Usimeca Waste-Compactor Trucks

600SA Holdings makes two ranges of Usimeca waste-compactors available in South Africa, starting with the Delta series. This series is built for handling solid waste and there are two models to choose from. The 19-m³ model has a total capacity of 19,2 m³; it has a base line of 4550 mm with an overall vehicle length of 6350 mm. The bigger model in this series brings us to the 21-m³ compactor, with a total capacity of 21,1 m³, a base line of 4930 mm, and a total vehicle length of 6730 mm to easily handle solid waste compaction and transportation. Moving on, we get to the Brutus range, also featuring a choice between either a 19- or a 21-m³ waste-compactor truck. The Brutus is also ideal for solid waste compaction and transportation and we make both series available in South Africa for residential use and easing your day’s work.

Whether you wish to hire or buy a waste compactor in South Africa, 600SA Holdings has the solutions you need, so talk to us to get your hands on one of these incredible machines to take care of compacting and transporting solid waste. Our website offers detailed specifications and documentation on all available waste-compactor models to allow you to make an informed decision when you hire or buy a waste compactor from us. In addition, we have a variety of industrial machinery to accompany our range of waste compactors and grant a comprehensive selection of equipment and machinery for our clients to choose from.

600SA Holdings is where you can find industrial and commercial lifting equipment and waste-disposal solutions to elevate your company to new heights. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for details and images, or contact us directly. Choose 600SA Holdings and let us supply your company with quality waste-disposal equipment in South Africa.


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