Waste Compactor Trucks

Vehicles for Heavy-Duty Waste-Management Solutions

Waste management is an important function that is present in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Compactor trucks are commonly used by municipal services to collect trash from municipal bins. Once they have completed their rounds, the vehicles transport the trash to a designated dumpsite. This process is regularly taken for granted in the residential sector. People expect the municipal services to take care of it on a weekly basis; however, this responsibility falls on your shoulders once you own a large business.

Waste-compactor trucks are suitable for both residential and commercial use. They can handle standardised bin sizes to efficiently fill the compactor before the trash is dumped at a designated site. The rear waste container of the vehicle is sealed to ensure that everything stays inside. These vehicles are also mountable on the rear corners to allow workers to easily and quickly hop on and off when collecting waste. We feature a sensible selection of these vehicles that could benefit your business and give you the means to take your waste management to the next level.

The Importance of Waste Management

waste compactor trucks

Running a commercial business normally results in large amounts of waste being produced. Some businesses control the quantity to ensure that the municipal services can handle it. However, other businesses require their own solutions to such a problem. This is where our selection of compactor trucks come in handy. These vehicles can collect from several sources and transport large volumes to dumpsites. Therefore, all you need is to manage such a process and optimise the routes to reduce the travel times.

The importance of waste management cannot be overstated; it is critical to the success of any business. If you have a business that produces large volumes of trash, it can lead to pollution if not managed properly and you could fall foul of the law. In some cases, businesses take dangerous liberties with this process by dumping trash in illegal places. By doing this, the dumped trash is never taken care of properly and such practices contribute greatly to our pollution problems. A smart business will employ a method to ensure that their trash output is taken care of accordingly. Compactor trucks are a smart solution for collecting and transporting trash in this instance.

Orakci is a manufacturer of waste compactor trucks that are designed with durability and toughness in mind. We offer 13- and 15-m³ body volumes from Orakci, delivering sensible solutions for your business. If you need larger vehicles with higher body volumes, we also offer the Delta and Brutus ranges from Usimeca. Both ranges include options for 19- and 21-m³ body volumes for even more space when collecting trash. We also offer skip loaders that are ideal for large, open containers as opposed to standard bin sizes. If your business needs vehicles to tackle waste management, we have you covered.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of industrial waste-management solutions. For more on our available compactor trucks, please browse our website for their specifications. Ensure that your business can take out the trash with quality vehicles and equipment on your side.