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Waste compactors are a common sight on South African roads. Municipal services use these trucks to collect garbage bins from residential areas and transport the waste to a designated dumpsite. The rear of the trucks houses their compactors, with mountable platforms for the crew to hold on to while they collect the bins. Although they don’t do a glamorous job, these vehicles have become indispensable for civilised and hygienic suburban life in South Africa. They can also be used by businesses as a feasible waste-management solution. If you are looking for a supplier that can provide such a vehicle for your South African business, 600SA Holdings is your answer.

Waste management is a very important aspect for large businesses with multiple outlets, facilities, warehouses, branches, or plants. Industrial businesses generate tons of garbage on a monthly basis. Therefore, a compactor truck is ideal for driving to different locations and collecting the bins before heading to a dumpsite. We offer a collection of purpose-built vehicles in this category, specifically built for the harsh South African climate. As a result, you can expect that they will offer the performance and reliability you need to deal with garbage collection and dumping. Today, we will look at some of the options that we have available.

The Orakci Waste Compactor ORV Series | View Range here.

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This series of waste compactors is designed just for South Africa. The ORV 415 has a body volume of 15 m³, with an additional hopper capacity of 2 m³. The body of the vehicle is manufactured using steel to ensure that it resists corrosion. The tailgate is also made of steel, ensuring that the crew can hold onto it while the vehicle drives to its next stop. The result is a very competent vehicle that can be used to collect garbage bins and transport the collected garbage to a designated dumpsite.

Usimeca Waste Compactors | View Range here

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If you are looking for bigger waste compactors than the Oracki ORV 415 model, Usimeca has a couple of options available in South Africa as well. Starting with the Delta series, we offer two options, both with tandem rear axles. Therefore, they can carry more weight than trucks that has only a single rear axle. These options have 19- and 21-m³ body volumes to suit your preferences. Smooth body construction makes it easy for the crew to hop on and off as they collect rubbish bins. The exterior shell of the vehicle features continuous welds to ensure that the body is properly sealed. By electing to go for continuous welds, the manufacturing takes longer and it costs more; however, the result is a perfect seal, ensuring that all liquids stay inside.

We also offer the Brutus series. The trucks in this series are also available in 19- and 21-m³ body volumes. They feature electronic controls that allow the crew to communicate with the driver. This feature encourages clear communication between the crew and driver – a useful safety feature. The outer shell also has mounts for shovels and brooms so, if a spill happens, the crew can quickly recover the rubbish and be on their way again in no time. The Brutus waste compactors operate at a high pressure of 150 bar, aiding their efficiency when processing garbage.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of quality waste compactors in South Africa. We also offer truck-mounted mobile cranes that can add useful features to your loader trucks. For more information on how we can supply your business with useful industrial vehicles, as well as cleaning and lifting equipment, please browse our website. You will also find specifics and digital brochures to download on the equipment that you are interested in. Choose us today as your supplier of industrial equipment and never look back.