Waste Management Trucks

Compactors and Waste Management Trucks

Waste management is a critical function of any industrial business or municipal service. It entails the collection of refuse bins and transporting the rubbish to a designated dumpsite. This is done through the use of rubbish-compactor trucks. These compactors are ideal for collecting, compacting, and transporting the rubbish from standardised municipal bins. Within a residential setting, this process normally involves the trucks doing their weekly rounds and picking up the bins from the pavements to empty them in the compactor. Within an industrial setting, a similar concept can be applied.

Many industrial businesses do their level best to practise efficient waste management, while others give it little thought and may even have their own, backyard dumpsites. However, they can easily fall foul of the law if they do not dump their rubbish in a zone designated as an official dumpsite. Recycling is feasible in smaller volumes, which can translate to more efficient ways of dealing with certain types of rubbish. By using compactor trucks, all the rubbish is collected in a single vehicle for the fastest and most effective way to get it to a dumpsite. If you are looking for a supplier that sells compactor trucks, 600SA Holdings is your solution.

Dealing with Waste

waste management trucksHouseholds and office workplaces are familiar and used to the process of emptying their trash bins. However, their responsibility ends when they have taken out the trash and put out the municipal bin on a weekly basis. From there, compactor trucks do the rest to get the trash to a dumpsite. Waste management starts here, as there should be an officially designated area for the vehicle to dump the trash, and a vehicle to take it there. Otherwise, the bins will not be emptied, and the rubbish will not be dealt with, posing a safety and health hazard. We have compactor vehicles that can assist in these matters and fulfil these roles for municipalities and industrial businesses alike.

Waste management remains one of the most important parts of modern civilisation. Recycling is very important as well, especially in the modern era. However, taking care that rubbish does not end up in the wrong place is even more important. We offer a selection of compactor trucks that can take care of picking up and transporting rubbish in standard-sized bins. These vehicles are robust and built to deal with heavy use all day long. With sophisticated on-board communication systems, the driver can talk to the crew to ensure that everyone is safely on the vehicle before setting off. The crew can also let the driver know when they should stop the vehicle or when it is safe to depart to the next location. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that your crew will work with safe and effective machinery to get the job done.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of compactor trucks for waste management. For more on these vehicles, please browse our website for digital brochures and specifications to ensure that you get the right vehicle for your needs. We also offer a selection of industrial lifting equipment for your business.