Waste Removal Trucks

Waste-Removal Trucks for Proper Waste Management

In an industrial business, you quickly realise the value of proper waste-removal and -management solutions. For commercial businesses, it strongly depends on their type of business. However, for most industrial companies, this is an essential function. Keeping the work environment clean is crucial to its safety and efficiency. Another aspect that coheres with this is managing the accumulated waste that builds up throughout a day or week. Residential municipal services use large compactor trucks to collect trash bins and transport all the trash to a dumpsite. Now, your business can do the same.

People look at compactors and think that they are only for residential applications. However, using them for waste removal and management for your business is also a feasible solution. Skip loaders can be a game-changer for industrial businesses that use large trash containers. These trucks are specifically modified to allow for loader arms to be added to the rear of the tractor unit. These loader arms can easily pick up and mount a large trash container and transport it to a dumpsite.

Various Solutions for Proper Waste Removal

Most industrial businesses already have a large and expanding fleet of trucks in their arsenal. These vehicles are used for transporting all manner of goods and materials. Now, they can be used for waste removal as well. We feature a selection of compactor and skip-loader trucks that can serve as a feasible solution for your business. Whether you want to work with standard-sized bins or large containers, we will be able to offer a vehicle that can accommodate your needs. Usimeca is a manufacturer of compactor trucks and we offer both their Delta and Brutus ranges.

Usimeca’s Delta range is a rear-loading waste-compactor truck that is perfect for collecting and removing trash from standard-sized bins. The exterior of the truck body features continuous welds to ensure that the compactor is perfectly sealed. The tailgate also features a rubber gasket to form a liquid-tight seal along the bottom and sides. The rear compactor sits on a tandem axle, delivering the necessary support and stability during transportation and loading. It also features a buzzer system to signal to the driver when everyone is on board and ready to move on to the next pickup zone.

We also feature a skip-loader truck from VDL that is ideal for waste removal when dealing with large containers. Sometimes, a standard bin is not sufficient for the job and you need something bigger. Large trash containers can be a real hassle to safely handle and transport, especially the slanted ones. With the skip loader from VDL, you can be assured that these containers can be safely picked up and transported. At the dumpsite, the loader arms can simply tip the container to empty it, making this a fast and effective solution for industrial businesses.

600SA Holdings is your supplier of waste-removal trucks. Our selection of compactors and skip loaders will ensure that you always have the right vehicle for the job. We also supply a wide range of knuckle-boom cranes for different applications. Choose us as your supplier of industrial equipment today and let us kit out your business with quality machinery.